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A Magical Love Night

In a small town there was a sweet young love that would blossom into something magical, filled with happiness and good memories. Sheryl was a girl who was full of life and made life seem so light and free. One Saturday afternoon she invited her friend James over to her house to watch a movie. She had always liked him, ever since she first met him. The sad thing was that he never really seemed interested in her other than as a friend. He was so sweet to her and so handsome. Every time she saw him she got goosebumps all over her body and butterflies in her tummy. She knew that she had to figure out a way to make him her boyfriend.

James came over and they sat down to watch a movie that she picked called ‘The Notebook’. As they were watching the movie, Sheryl felt so much emotion running through that she turned and kissed James. This took him by surprise. Sheryl felt embarrassed and quickly apologized for doing it. But James told her that it was okay as they stared into each other’s eyes. Then James leaned in and kissed her. And as they thrust against each other with him planting kisses on her lips and down to her neck, the heat they both felt just slowly turned into passion. They both slowly undressed and he carried her to her bedroom. He gently laid her down on the bed and they began kissing again. Slowly their hands began roaming each other’s flesh and they let their bodies intertwine into the intimate depth of lovemaking. They were both new to sex, losing their virginity together that day. This was definitely a learning experience for both of them as they satisfied their passion for one another. She even sucked his cock back hard so that they could have sex again after he had had multiple orgasms, and he licked her pussy until she soaked the bed. They had sex doggy style and Sheryl even got over her shyness to ride James cowgirl style too. Their session went on for hours, with both of them climaxing over and over again.

They knew from that day on that they would be inseparable. Every chance they got they were wrapped in each other’s embrace. Sheryl and James would go on to get married and have an amazing, spicy, sexy love life for years to come.

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